Dianne and Milo Fossen in Valdres May 2003. Milo is finding his "roots"

As a small boy I often heard my old aunt (Father's sister) say, ”No, we don’t have any relatives in America”. My parents had both inherited the Family Albums in their families, and when my son and I was cleaning out my deceased mothers house in the spring 2002, I started to understand the wisdom of the words ”Ask before it’s too late”.  I promised my son that I would do my best not to make him feel so ”poor” (of information about his roots) as I felt, after I leave this Earth.  I had a family-program installed on my computer for a long time. The detective work started, ”the Game is afoot” the pipe smoking Englishman said -  and before Christmas I discovered that Astrid Onstad in Fagernes had got family-info and addresses from Ethel Christensen in Glenwood, Minnesota. Ethel had in fact been to Valdres with her sister back in the 80’s.  Some phone calls later – on Christmas Day 2002 – I had established contact with more third cousins.  During first half of 2003 the search unearthed more relatives on different branches living many places in USA, and my travel plan was constructed on this base.  In the early spring 2003 I had a visit from Glenwood (the husband had in fact 3 of his great grandparents from this society, and a couple more from the Valdres-region.               – And on the 15 day of September (election day for local government) I was on the wings crossing the Atlantic. Like 120 years before, I too, had to move inside England, but only between Heatrow and Gatwick – those before me went from Hull to Liverpool.