First courthouse of Pope Co lunchbreak with Lisa Torvik full speed past  American Mall safe to sleep at Howard Johnson Manhattan skyline from shuttle

October 21. My Diary was supposed to be used for making notes along my bus trip, but now I’m sitting in Minneapolis Airport, Lindbergh terminal, and the plain for Newark is delayed  because of weather conditions on the East cost. Out of bed at 7 AM this morning, bade farewell with Dianne before she left for work. Finished scanning and naming my photos, burning a new CD with pictures – and managed to get into bed at 2.30 AM. Waved  Dianne away to staff meeting with Schwarz Brothers in Starbuck at 8. Milo too crawled out from the quilts, and we were on wheels a few minutes after 9 – had to return to find the address and phone number to Milo’s friend from Alaska, who at present is assisting his mother, buying a new car, in Minneapolis. Milo will bring him back to Glenwood; they will later go duck hunting  in North Dakota.  We had a break along Interstate 94 – and had a good lunch with Lisa Torvik.   Here at the airport I bought a college sweater and a cap for my son.  

Boeing 747-400, Newark Airport October 22 10.30 PM. Finally I’m onboard the Virgin Atlantic’s plane bound for London, Heatrow. It’s been an extreme boring day. I’ve been running from one counter to the other from 1 o’clock until 2.30 to find out how to check in at Continental Airlines when you experienced a delay.     We became half an hour or more delayed out of Minneapolis yesterday, 16.15 became 17++++++ and they gave no messages to us who had connecting planes to catch. I heard people going to Shannon Airport (Ireland) were rebooked to eastbound Northwestern planes. We arrived Newark 9.30 PM – judging the airport time. If the London plane had been delayed like we looks to be tonight, it’s a small wonder we did not manage to catch our ride yesterday.  In Minneapolis I was told that my luggage was checked in all the way to Oslo, and that I should do the check-in at terminal B in Newark. “Take the shuttle”, the lady behind the counter told me.  – It was not that easy, we were told that our plane already had left, but Continental organized Hotel and food coupons.   Howard Johnson Hotel was OK, I slept until 11.20 this morning. Unfortunately I had no possibility to send a message home about being delayed. “Our PC id out of order, but you can go to Holiday Inn and use theirs”, I was told.  To look upon problems another way, -after 5 weeks here, what is one day…..  Around noon, after some coffe and an applepie, I borded the Airport bus and came here. Walked around…walked around .. was among the first to check in. New message: “Maybe you have to find your luggage and check it in once more in London”.  To me, where my luggage is now, that is Continental’s responsibility. I went fore and back between P4, C and B and managed to snap a photo of manhattan skyline trough the shuttle window in full speed, wonder how that will come out.

Oh yeah, I got 24 hours in New Jersey, after all …….

- Finished my supper in the plane. Salmon, Salad and Cheesecake. My mood is on a rising curve. After 5 weeks here it will be a big change to converse in Norwegian again. The closer you get to your home countru, the more you sharpen the ears to listen for your own mothers tongue…. and the more you start to think about the problems you might encounter on your return to home. Temperatures below cero, frozen waterpipes – and what about my car and its EU-control, did my feiwnd bring it from Oslo airport to Fagernes?

The time is ripe for making a few points on my weeks “over there”

(1)    “Everything is BIG in America”  most of the time turned out to be correct.

(2)    The structural changes in society follows the same pattern on both sides of the Atlantic.

(3)     There are a lot of common denominators inside our families. The citydwellers in USA has too only a couple of generations behind since thrir forparents came from rural areas.

(4)    We belives at first that our relatives understands what we are referring to, when talking of  situations in our “own sphere”.  We have to start explaining from the bottom. My friend “uncle Vladimis’s” Russian proverb: “It is better to have seen one time, than have heard hundred times” touches the truth. At least I had t understand this!

Far away out there I can see the Big Dipper … I will have to find more information on the geology in the areas I visited in USA. Before I started this trip the names “Lewis & Clark” was unknown to me, over here I have met references to those discoverers wherever I went – On a given occation I have to tell Torbjørn Moen (the editor of our regional newspaper) that “Valdres” (our newspaper) could benefit in making a archive system like they managed in Pope Co during the depression years. (Maybe we need a depression period in Valdres ?)


Without Ethel Christensen this travel would never have occurred !



……………….  Nothing more written  in the diary   ……………………