Dahl fine Arts CenterSD, Salt Lake City, Tabernacle quire, (alle desse bilda avfotografert, les meir om dette seinare) Wyoming bilskilt (maskert)


Friday Sept 25 11PM. I’m now in Casper, Wyoming. 15 min break, they say it’s abt 44 F outside, did not feel that chilly. Traveled at 8.45 PM out from Gillette – in darkness, clear star speckled sky – My eyes traveled to ”Karlsvogna” (the big Dipper) to have something homely to rest the eyes on.

Saturday Sept 26 1.30PM. Returned to the bus after midnight meal. A HUGE steak, very good made, (but served without fork) with fried potatoes and 2 half toasts +coffee and ice water (”Western style” was said on the menu). The bus drove on  towards Cheyenne, where some of us left, and the bus drove on to Denver, Colorado. Half an hour later most of the people sitting in the waiting-area left with a bus bound for Oklahoma City, and suddenly only 2 passengers were left. I didn’t feel like sleeping, but my traveling colleague from Gillette lay down on a bench and after a few minutes, he snored happily with his head on his rucksack. (It looked later like he was picked up by friends in Salt Lake City, so he probably felt safe). I relaxed with Carol Ann’s book and around 7 AM travelers started to move in. The bus westwards left at 7.30, for me it looked like many of the passengers belonged to a group of ”overdeveloped” children, who had missed out on the most important knowledge - good manners! Anyway, “over here” they are much more extrovert than a “Norwegian hillbilly” are used to.

In the bus seat the sleep overwhelmed me, I sat down beside the fellow who had snored soo good on his rucksack. I got no pleasant sleep, but my soul was at least not inside the bus. I felt not in the mood or company to bring the camera out. When we came closer to the Utah border, we had a good view of the mountains to the south. After Evanston I started to see landscape reminding me of home. Looked like the spruce was cultivated, there were real nice autumn-colors, leaf trees in different tones of yellow amidst green spruce and brown grass.

ARRIVED Salt Lake City. Investigated about bus schedules tomorrow and where taxis could be found. The Taxi driver spoke German. (Like everybody else he easily heard I was a foreigner) and took me to Marriott close to the city center. $79 for one night, huge room, nice bathroom and access to Internet. Sent mail to my son, got answer back, and sent new mail. Sent message to Dianne/Milo, likewise to Carol Ann, sent a warning message “I’m arriving” to Wanda up in North Dakota – and now I have to find the phone number to the Sunwalls I n Billings.

Took a trio in the City, looked at the Temple, paid a visit to the “Family History Center” just before closing time. The city center was extremely well organized, they have very good gardeners here! Had my second Hamburger for the day, tomorrow I have to eat something else! In the hotel I booked a ticket for sightseeing tomorrow.

Sunday sept 27: Alarm clock started to get angry at 6.30, but my body didn’t get into vertical position before 7.15. Packed my bags, checked out and entered the sightseeing bus. The bus picked up people at different hotels and at the RV-park. Ended up outside the Tabernacle – went and listened to the televised Sundayconsert. Later we walked around the area guided by ”Missionaries”. During the lunch break I met with 2 sisters from Minnesota, who had Norwegian bloodline, and got envelope with name and address to be returned with Norwegian stamps.