Butte and new memory card   High mountains in the south Big Sheep Mountain Vi kryssar Yellowstone River

Butte, Montana 9 AM.  BLUEMONDAY !!  Accidentally I wiped out my memory card in the camera with all pictures since Rapid City. Are there limits to foolishness ?? I was trying to switch off the automatic blitz in the camera-menu, had a black moment and pressed OK on the Format command. (As I should not have told my clients what format c: means on a hard disk ) Well, it’s too late to regret. Some of the pictures still reside on a MacIntosh in Saratoga.

Face slap number 2 this morning: The breakfast menu I ordered  was a ”wolf in sheep’s wool”,  a yeastball spiced with some for my taste, very uneatable flavor,  overpoured with some kind of white sauce with small bits of meat.  The fried egg and the ”hashbrowns” went down without complaint. Another expensive lesson, even if the food is quite cheap here (compared to Norway). That **** militant female bus driver ought to take some blame, agree ???    - Do not cry over spilled milk !

From now I will have to concentrate on the good sides of life. .. We are now passing the Continental Divide. To the southeast I see high mountains. Else there are dry and sandy, trees here and there and some ranches along the valley bottom. I must try to make some photos trough bus window. (on my second memorycard), nice autumncolors so many places along my route.

Our driver looks like the spitting image of our retired local Chief of schools.  We have passed Livingstone – I got no glimpse of Stanley…..  Saw to the south into Yellowstone National Park.  Here are big flat stretches, here and there areas with artificial irrigation. I have to remember to take a photo of the car number plates in this state too.

Tuesday October 7.  Spent the night at Big 5 Motel in Billings, 35$, good room with TV, bath and bed. Local phone calls free of charge. Made contact with Mrs. Sunwall. She felt sorry because her husband was not present in Billings. I called Richard Melchert to tell I could not make a stopover in Golden valley.  He told me Wanda already had left for Fessenden.  – Had a good nights sleep, woke before 7 and took the bus for Bismarck at 9.30 AM. I’m now sitting in Miles City – has just decided to bring the Mc Donald napkin (very good advertising for the farmers!)  … Took a picture of Big Sheep Mountain, now we are crossing Yellowstone River. The bus driver told me he was driving un till 8 PM. Maybe  they are changing in Bismarck  (No, he went on further)  The landscape is wide plains in between lower mountains. Small pieces of cultivated land – irrigation and big amounts of dry hayballs. Nice autumcolours along the rivers.